Sunday, July 3, 2022
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cimne artists


Interpretación de Jose Luis Oñate para el Karaoke 2015

Jose Luis Oñate interpreta una canción para el festival navideño de Cimne 2015.


A musical Christmas gift for CIMNE from Ignacio Valero

 Our CIMNE colleague Ignacio Valero (civil engineer and amateur musician) has presented us with a 2014 Christmas gift in the form of a short multimedia version of the Op.12 nº1 of Edward Grieg. You can listen and view the gift by clicking here…


Pavel Ryzhakov - Guitarra clásica

Our Doctor Pavel Ryzhakov playing classical guitar in his spare time. 


Cimne Artists: Ignacio Valero

Cimne Artists: Ignacio Valero plays piano for christmas.


Pavel Ryzhakov in concert

Pavel Ryzhakov playing a classical guitar in a concert.