Sunday, July 3, 2022
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Antenna placement on Apache helicopter

Simulation done with, HOBBIES: Higher Order Basis Based Integral Equation Solver. This benchmark has consisted of the analysis of two antennas mounted on an Apache helicopter. The working frequency of each antenna is 130 MHz. More information about Hobbies:


Archimedes' screw animation

Simulation of an Arquimedian screw run with DEMPACK solver. More information about DEMPack:


Simulation of an inflatable hangar run with Kratos

Membrane model of a inflatable structure subjected to wind loading. Symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) solution using 4 cores on an I7 Dell workstation, using Kratos Multiphysics ( More information about GiD: Webpage Twitter Linke...


Sea waves impacting on an oil platform with shadows

Simulation of the impact of the sea waves on a oil platform. The simulation is done using Kratos Multiphysics. The shadows effect is activated in GiD. More information about Kratos: