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Dark Matter

Dark Matter and Dark Energy make up most of the known universe, but why do we understand so little about what these concepts actually are and what they do?


In Our Time: Science - Gravitational Waves

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the physics of Gravitational Waves. Guests include Carolin Crawford, Jim Al-Khalili and Sheila Rowan. May 17, 2007


In Our Time: Science - The Fibonacci Sequence

Melvyn Bragg discusses the mathematical and cultural mysteries of the Fibonacci Sequence. With Marcus du Sautoy, Jackie Stedall and Ron Knott. Nov 29, 2007


Science Today: How technology may benefit from a micro internet

Learn how cell phone technology that can be used as a portable pathogen detector could be linked to a micro internet and open up new avenues of exploration.


Science Today: The next generation of water monitoring technology

UC Berkeley engineers developed and are testing The Floating Sensor Network, a next generation of water monitoring technology.


Science Weekly Play Science Weekly podcast: the mathematics of sport

In the midst of a glorious summer of sport, this week we look at how mathematics can bring out great sporting performancesAlok JhaIan SampleJason Phipps Jun 27, 2013

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