Sunday, July 3, 2022
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In Our Time: Science - Gravitational Waves

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the physics of Gravitational Waves. Guests include Carolin Crawford, Jim Al-Khalili and Sheila Rowan. May 17, 2007


In Our Time: Science - The Fibonacci Sequence

Melvyn Bragg discusses the mathematical and cultural mysteries of the Fibonacci Sequence. With Marcus du Sautoy, Jackie Stedall and Ron Knott. Nov 29, 2007


Science Today: How technology may benefit from a micro internet

Learn how cell phone technology that can be used as a portable pathogen detector could be linked to a micro internet and open up new avenues of exploration.


Science Today: The next generation of water monitoring technology

UC Berkeley engineers developed and are testing The Floating Sensor Network, a next generation of water monitoring technology.


Science Weekly Play Science Weekly podcast: the mathematics of sport

In the midst of a glorious summer of sport, this week we look at how mathematics can bring out great sporting performancesAlok JhaIan SampleJason Phipps Jun 27, 2013


Science Weekly podcast: the synthetic biology revolution

Imperial College London hosts a meeting of scientists working at the cutting edge of bio-engineering and synthetic biologyAlok JhaJason Phipps Jul 15, 2013

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