Sunday, July 3, 2022
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Deep Drawing Simulation in Stampack

Deep Drawing processes & product validation. Stampack helps you to design formed parts so they can be done in the most cost-efficient way using the most economical process and material. Stampack also can help you develop a part shape that can be formed easily and that will fit and function pr...


Ironing Simulation metal forming in Stampack

2D · 3D SOLID Stampack provides appropriate element technology for an accurate ironing process definition where full 3D elements should be used. Ironing is a very useful metal forming process when employed in combination with deep drawing to produce a uniform wall thickness part with great...


Progressive Die Thick Sheet Simulation Transfer

Stampack for progressive die stamping validation lets users check and generate feasible stations in the complete tool. Stampack optimizes the complex die validation process before tool construction. The complete simulation of the process combined with the results evaluation will help tool designers ...


Sheet Metal Forming | Thick Sheet

Stampack is practical software oriented to product and process design engineers so that knowledge and experience of finite element analysis (FEA) is not required. Most of the simulation definition work is automated leaving engineers to concentrate on the engineering problems and solutions rather tha...


Springback thick sheet simulation in Stampack metal forming 1

Springback and springback compensation2D · 3D SHELL & SOLIDStampack allows the accurate prediction of the final part geometry via the fast springback computation. A spring-forward algorithm has been developed to systematically generate a complete geometry descritpion of the tooling surfac...


Stampack Stamping Simulation | Shell Stamping Shell

Stampack allows the full manufacturing process validation, starting with the blank format including gravity effects, binder wrap, drawing, trimming, re-striking, repositioning and flanging.

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